App Reskinning: Top Source Code Sellers

ThereIf you are looking for a way to make money with app reskinning but do not know much about app business and development, this article will help you!
The websites selling app source codes are the best places for app developers to get the app done cheaper, easier and faster. The development of a game or app from scratch consumes a lot of money and countless time, and it’s not always a guaranteed success in the end either. Also, you must test the game carefully to make the good games without bugs. This process always happens during the game development and publishing. Fortunately, buying source codes of successful apps on the market from other developers help you avoid above problems. Also, you will have more time to research ASO for your games.
Since there are many websites offering app reskinning service, it must be hard to select the best one which has reliable and good-quality source codes. In order to help your work easier, we have made a list of 10 best websites selling app source codes depending on below criteria:

– Firstly, the website always updates the latest source codes for iOS, Android, Windows and other platforms.
– The app selling agreement is legally confirmed by the developers and owners.
– The source codes are reliable and well written by experienced programmers.
– You can refund if you feel unhappy with the quality of the source codes.
– Buyers can post comments and feedbacks reporting the quality of products.
– Finally, the sellers use popular programming languages to code the games , supporting cross platforms such as Unity, Cocos 2dx.

Therefore, if you are amateur and need to study more about app development by looking for FREE source codes, few websites listed here having many free source codes of popular games and apps. Let’s find out which one suits you most:

1. Chupamobile

app reskinning

Chupamobile is one of the best websites for selling and buying game and app source codes. This mobile app source code marketplace having the largest library of good-quality source codes which can help you save up to 70% of the development time and cost to launch an application or game. With the support and documented instruction from the developer owning the source code, an amateur can easily use the source code to make money. With more than 3500+ app source code templates, ChupaMobile can provide you with the most suitable source code.

2. SellMyApp

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Sellmyapp – The oldest website selling source code for app reskinning has tremendous data of source codes for Android and iOS in various niche. This company offers fantastic quality source codes and has a dedicated group of experts that provide great app reskinning services. With a commitment of 14 day – refund for any unsatisfied buyer and an awesome supportive staff, this website is always one of the best marketplaces for source code purchase and app reskinning.

3. GameGorillaz


The difference between GameGorillaz and others is that this website almost focuses on selling game source codes. With the diversity of source codes ranging from 2D to 3D, GameGorillaz is a good choice for entertaining app reskinning. Therefore, you can purchase most recent game source code in Cocos 2dx, Unity and more for Android and iOS Platforms.

4. SellMySourceCode

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This company is a developing marketplace where you can purchase many application source codes of Android, iOS, Windows platforms. Especially, you will have chance to download many free source codes. Sell My Source Code has a lot of unique applications and games which are updated every day. Besides, they can help you optimize source codes or improve your games with new features with very competitive costs.

5. CodeCanyon

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Infact, Codecanyon is a source code marketplace possessed by Envato. Users can purchase many kinds of source codes ranging from website, app, game. On the other hand, you can find various codes written in different languages and frameworks. However, because of selling so many kinds of source codes, they do not have enough mobile game and app source codes for app reskinning business. Also, you can buy music and sound for your game at Audiojungle which is a sound marketplace in this website.