At Topappreskin, we always listen and follow your idea and concept. You will be notified every step of the project –  from your design document to final testing to ensure that we created the game you want.



When we begin the project, our first step is to understand your concept. It’s your job to tell us what you need to create, and it’s our job to make it come to life. Let’s say you have a code for a racing game – you have to let us know what theme or style your racing game needs to be. From Zombie racer to Little Kid Racer, we can take care of it all.


After we have an agreement in the style and concept, TOPAPPRESKIN will send you the price quote of the project. The budget will depend on how big and complicated the app is. Especially, we always accept the milestone payment which makes you not to pay much for once. This means that TOPAPPRESKIN need 30% up front to start the project, 20% after approval of graphics and code optimization test, 50% after final app test. Finally, we will publish the game on app stores for you.


Once we understand the concept, our artists would start making the artwork as per the code. Depending on the game code being 2D or 3D, we would show you screenshots of our concepts. If you do not like the concept, you can always ask us to change or tweak it. If you like the concept artwork, we begin the next step of integrating it into the game source code.


Once the designs are selected, the integration process begins. We replace all 2D models with new artwork/ new 3D models with older ones. Basically everything in the game-play is now changed as per your theme. Your game is starting to take shape!


After the initial integration, we make sure you have a look at the progress of the game. At this point we would either send you the game video, send you a test flight, or simply send over the game APK for you to play with it.


While your game is getting ready, the artists have all necessary information to create your game icon, screenshots and also begin replacing the GUI (buttons and stuff) to make everything as per your theme. We take this very seriously, as making a cool icon is obviously the most important job. Ad integrations are also done during this stage.


Finally, we are sure that this is the most exiciting stage that you like. We will help you publish the app to 2 popular app stores including Google Play and Apple Store. Also, we implement Analytics SDK in order to track the users using your app. All this publishing process is completely free!