App Reskin: Name and Keywords

If you want to get milions of download with App reskin, the first thing you must pay attention is to choose the right app name and keywords. The question is how we know which are the keywords that users often use to search for their application? The article below will help you to find out the right keywords on the iTunes App Store. You can get a lot of downloads with these secret tips.
The most important factor for users to discover your apps is the app name.
Of course, everyone who do App reskin knows about this but if you do not which name is the best, it can be challenge. With our instructions, you will learn how to look for and maximize the application tittle.

Choose a relevent name

app reskinningAt first, users will come to your store after seeing the app icon. The second thing will be seen is your app name. Therefore, you must make it legible and relevent to the icon. People do not like to install a game or app which has a different content from the app name. Another thing to remember is try not to repeat a name of other games or apps because Apple will consider it spam.

Use keywords wisely

app reskinning keyword
Although you just do app reskin, you must not choose the same key words with the original app. You are given 100 characters to use for keywords, so be sure to completely take advantage of it. You can try to use plural form of words which is normally less competitive. To choose these keywords, you can use Sensor Tower which is a tool to check the search rate of keywords. Also, if a good keyword is overused, you can find the synonyms or a similar word. Importantly, you should try to be in the top 5 results for an average-searched keyword than in the top 100 for a high traffic keyword.

Tips to discover the right keywords

App Reskinning ASO
You cannot guess which words users will use to search for their app. There are a ton of app store optimization tools which can help you in finding suitable keywords for your app name. The list below are the most popular tools:
Sensor Tower
Mobile Action
App Annie
With the useful help of these tools, you will find out the keywords your rivals are using, find the high-searched keywords with less competition. As my point of view, Sensor Action and App Annie are the best ones. Also, you can try google keyword planner and google trends which will recommends a lot of high-searched words.

The definition of a good keyword

Perhaps you will think that the good keywords are those which are highly searched by users. Actually, you may right. However, there is another important matter you should know. Here is what you should prioritize
Relevance – The app name’s keywords should be related to the content and icon of the app. For example, if you have a cat training application and your app ranks #1 for the word “cat”, this is really cool. However, Ranking #1 for the keyword “dog training” would be much better because this keyword is more specific and relevant.
Competition – You should choose the average-searched keywords that you app can rank in top 5 instead of the good keywords that your app even isn’t in top 100.
Searches – If you already find out the relevent and less competitive keywords, the last thing is the volume of search. Folow these instructions and you will make a lot of money with App reskin bussiness

The name of app publisher

Beside the app name, App Store also use the publisher’s name for search algorithm. The similar words between app and publisher may add a bonus to the visibility of the application. However, It could be a bad idea to choose the company name followed by the app.